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I am a former Chicago based photographer who has a great passion for taking photos. I have recently re-located my business to Round Rock Texas. I particularly enjoy shooting events, it is a great way to capture once in a lifetime moments that will last forever. I try to capture that moment in time and evoke the same feeling for the person who is looking at it that they had at the moment it was taken, even if it was long after the image was captured.

I also shoot product which is a great way for you to get your items online for e-commerce, Ebay, or to be used in print, AND with the popularity of social media everyone needs a new updated headshot for their Linked-in or Facebook page.

I would be interested in taking on any project that you would need done. I do not limit myself to one particular form of photography but rather attempt whatever a client may need. Take a look at some of the galleries I have posted and if you think you could use my services please contact me..

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